Job review from in Pittsburgh (Squirrel Hill), PA 15217 on 08/10/17

Overall Rating:

4.2  out of 5
Our Overall Service

See my comments at the end, regarding your 50% money-down requirement, before one post is put up.

Call Representative

I do not know what a "call representative" is. If it's George Lavrich, then it is a "5".

Sales Process

George was very patient, professional, and helped me with my quest for a variance before the City of Pittsburgh zoning board. When I Emailed him with questions (and there were quite a few), he consistently got back to me in a timely manner.

Our Installation Crew

I do feel "Dave" knew what he was doing and paid attention to details; I notice this because I am particular. He could have spent less time talking on his cell phone and talking on and on (and on) to people passing by my home. Although time will tell, I was however generally pleased with him. He took great care in not hitting my gas line.

The Cleanup Process

There was quite a bit of dug-up clay dirt (for the posts) left behind and smoothed over existing dirt, rather than removing it from my property. I watched them and they DID remove some dug-up dirt which they placed into bags and took with them, but there was a fair amount left behind. I had to pay my landscaper to remove it.

What made you choose our company:

I would have given your company a "5" (instead of "4") overall satisfaction rating, except that I was not happy with your 50% money-down requirement (I vehemently objected to this and came to a compromise). That puts up a red flag to me, as far as a business is concerned. The news is rampant with companies taking the big chunk of 50% money down, then not showing up. Made me think that such a requirement means your company is suspect and does not have enough money. I have had large jobs done at my home, and NO company has ever required ANY money down. With that said, I chose your company for a couple reasons. First, I had 2 large fencing companies give me estimates. The first one (Allegheny Fence) just wanted to slap up a pine fence. The second company (Bethlehem Wire & Fence)...the guy spent an hour here...never even GAVE me an estimate. I got the impression they did not want to be bothered with relatively small, residential jobs. So I decided to search for a smaller company from a smaller town than (the city of) Pittsburgh; thought they might be more interested in doing a good job and more inclined to please a customer. I felt George worked with me, in getting me not only what I wanted but also was honest in pointing out to me when something might not work. He was prompt; when he said he would be here, he was. I did not get the impression he was merely trying to get a sale...he was trying to please me, the residential customer. Ultimately, what made me call your company first (once I started looking for a smaller company in a small town), were your photos on the Internet of residential fencing jobs you had already done. It appeared with all the photos, your company had taken pride in the work they had done. (And by the way, my search for a smaller company had nothing to do with Allegheny Fence's estimate. It had to do with their seemingly non-interest in working with me to give me what I wanted.) Lastly, you should know I live in an area where there is lot of foot traffic and I have had many compliments from not only neighbors, but strangers that have passed by. I hope it's sturdiness, reflective of installation, lives up to it's great cosmetic appearance! I noticed there is more to installation of a fence, than just slapping one up. Is this enough of an opinion for you?

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